ENHANCE Development Projects focus on creating and testing new technology with the aim of supporting older adults experiencing disability as a result of cognitive impairment. 
Development Project 1: Technology-Delivered Instructional Support for Mobility 
Development Project 1 will provide proof of concept that a robust instructional package can support successful use of existing, complex navigation applications, including map and rideshare apps, by a diverse set of people with cognitive impairments, and will provide proof of product by performing summative evaluation of the developed instructional packages.
Development Project 2: Cognitive Support for Prospective Memory
Development Project 2 will first establish proof of concept for an adaptive cognitive aid to support the prospective memory of older adults with various cognitive impairment. This will involve understanding and verifying product requirements through engagement with stakeholders, implementing and testing the concept of an adaptive prospective support system, and resolving technical challenges through user testing. Two proof of products studies will examine the use of a working prototype within the lab and also within participants’ homes. 

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