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ENHANCE Research Projects focus on understanding and addressing the needs of older adults experiencing disability as a result of cognitive impairment.

Research Project 1: Everyday Needs Assessment for Cognitive Tasks (ENACT)
ENACT is an exploration and discovery project that aims to understand the challenges older adults with different types and levels of cognitive impairment experience in daily and community living, needed areas of and preferences for support, technology solutions currently used or considered, and attitudes toward and difficulties with currently available solutions. The needs and challenges of care partners will also be assessed.

Research Project 2: Supportive Technology Resources through Usability & Machine-learning Methods (STRUMM)
STRUMM is an exploration and discovery project that will design and preliminarily test the efficacy of an innovative intelligent adaptive software package aimed at providing cognitive and social support to aging adults with cognitive impairments. The system will serve as an interactive social and cognitive aid that supports everyday activities, new learning, education about resources, and social engagement.

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