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Dissemination Activities
ENHANCE dissemination activities will be diverse to reach a broad array of stakeholders, including:
  • healthcare networks
  • industry and design communities 
  • community and government agencies
  • the scientific community
  • older adults with cognitive impairment, their caregivers, and the general public
Dissemination will take the form of webinars, journal publications, trade publications, conference presentations, design workshops, policy briefs, social media content, and an ENHANCE conference. 
Training Activities
To support undergraduate training with respect to understanding the needs of older adults with cognitive impairment, and how to design for older adults with cognitive impairment, a series of team-based undergraduate design competitions will be hosted within and across the three sites of ENHANCE.
Design competitions will take advantage of the articulated needs of older adults with CI collected as part of Research Project 1. Student teams will be asked to develop technology-based solutions and prototypes to address these needs. To support their efforts, we will provide them with design guidelines specific to older adults and older adults with cognitive impairment. 
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